Archives for October 2013

Warrantless Blood Draws Can Be Unconstitutional

The Supreme Court of the United States heard a case earlier this year regarding the constitutionality of warrantless blood draws under the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution.  Blood tests generally serve as the most concrete evidence that a person was driving … [Read more...]

Anyone can be Arrested for DUI

Do you think you won't be arrested for DUI? Driving under the influence of alcohol is against the law, however millions of people still choose to operate a motor vehicle after having too much to drink every day in the United States.  People often continually drink too much and … [Read more...]

2013 California DUI Management Information System Report Findings

The California DUI Management Information System Report (DUI-MIS) is produced by employees of the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Research and Development Branch. The report compiles data and statistics regarding driving under the influence (DUI) in the state.  The … [Read more...]


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