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Arrested on Suspicion of DUI Following Tragic Accident in Diamond Bar, CA

Last month, a 21 year-old California woman was arrested on suspicion of DUI following a tragic accident that left six people dead. Olivia Culbreath was driving her 2013 Camaro the wrong way down the freeway and, according to witness reports, traveling at nearly 100 miles per … [Read more...]

Jury Acquits Woman of DUI Charges due to Violent Boyfriend

Jury acquits Marlise Paulo of DUI charges due to her escaping from extreme danger. Marlise Paulo and her boyfriend headed to San Francisco last September to celebrate the boyfriend’s birthday with drinks and a 49ers game. Unfortunately, that trip ended in an arrest for suspicion … [Read more...]

Amanda Bynes Reaches Plea Deal, Avoids DUI Charges

If you are facing DUI charges for driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or drugs, you have several options, which an experienced DUI attorney can explain to you. First, you can fight the charges and go to trial. If you win at trial, your charges are dismissed and you walk … [Read more...]


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