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Does “DUI Entrapment” Exist?

Entrapment / DUI Entrapment is a shady area of law enforcement. Police officers often attempt to “trap” people in impossible scenarios in order to achieve convictions for traffic violations. For example, an officer may ask you to get behind the wheel of a car and then arrest you … [Read more...]

Can My Diabetes Cause Me To Fail A DUI Breath Test?

Can my diabetes affect DUI breath test results? Even though they are highly trained, police officers are still predisposed to take things at face value when they detain someone. Officers look for visual cues to figure out if a driver is under the influence. They look for red … [Read more...]

Third DUI Arrest in Three Months For El Dorado Deputy

Its A third DUI arrest for an El Dorado County sheriff’s deputy. The deputy was already on paid administrative leave for prior DUI offenses. His bail was initially set at $250,000, but he was released on his own recognizance after having release conditions imposed on him by a … [Read more...]

How to Avoid a Spring Break DUI

A Spring Break DUI could ruin more than just your Spring Break. Spring Break is the most exciting time of the year for many college students. You get to travel, take a break from demanding coursework and cut loose with your friends. The biggest thing associated with Spring Break, … [Read more...]

DUI Accident could lead to both Criminal Charges and a Civil Case

A DUI accident could lead to both criminal charges and a civil case.  Many may be aware that the penalties for even a first time DUI can be quite steep, including heavy fines, loss of a license, and even jail time. The punishments can be even harsher with multiple DUI arrests and … [Read more...]


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