After Being Charged with DUI, What Happens When I’m Released from Jail?

A local news article indicates that a woman was arrested and charged with DUI after crashing into a Santa Rosa house.  The woman, Angela Marie Angerman, 33, also known as Angela Paetz, was released from jail at about 1 p.m. on Thursday June 20th.  According to police, … [Read more...]

DUI Conviction Affects Car Insurance Rates – Yes, No?

After being convicted for a DUI, many have concerns how a  DUI conviction affects car insurance rates.  The best way to avoid a DUI as well as the ramifications that stem from it is of course to avoid drinking and driving.  However, for our readers who have had their license … [Read more...]

Defenses to Fight a Sonoma County DUI

Back in May of this year, The Sonoma Patch reported on four Sonoma County DUI arrests for driving under the influence on the 11th 12th and 13th of the previous week.  Several of the DUI arrests involved repeat DUI offenders. With the 2012 holiday season almost upon us we thought … [Read more...]

Four Sebastopol DUI Arrests by Officers

Four Sebastopol DUI arrests were made by officers on the night of Friday, October 5. The volume of drunk driving arrests was an abnormally high number for the town of 7,300 people, where police rarely collect more than two on any one night, the Santa Rosa Press Democrat … [Read more...]

Supreme Court is to hear an involuntary DUI blood test case

The United States Supreme Court is to hear an involuntary DUI blood test case originating out of a Missouri DUI case. The DUI case demonstrates the conflict between law enforcement’s efforts to identify and prosecute drunk drivers and civil libertarians’ efforts to preserve … [Read more...]

State Assemblyman says officers violated his rights during DUI stop

The attorney for a southern California legislator recently filed papers in the Contra Costa Superior Court seeking to suppress evidence on the basis that the police lacked probable cause when stopping the assemblyman. Concord police officers stopped West Covina Assemblyman Roger … [Read more...]

New DUI Legislation Introduced in California

On February 24th the California Legislature introduced AB 2552, an Act to amend the state’s Vehicle Code as it relates to California driving under the influence (DUI). The bill, sponsored by Norma Torres of California’s 61st district, would make it a crime for a person who has … [Read more...]

California Sobriety Checkpoints

The Huffington Post reported this week on California “sobriety checkpoints” that have come under fire. These checkpoints are likely familiar to area drivers—they are temporary roadblocks on public streets designed to catch drunk drivers. In addition to issuing California … [Read more...]


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